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7 Navigation Best Practices to Boost User Experience

A good website navigation and a good user experience go hand in hand.

Navigation dictates how a user moves around your website. The better they move around, the better the experience and they more likely they are to convert.

By following a few navigation best practices, you can create a more effective user experience.

First things first: what type of navigation do you choose?

What is a Navigation Stress Test? (& why should you care)

This might surprise you:

Do you know what is one of the biggest impacts on the success of a website?


Sure, a great overall design, content and getting the right traffic to your site is important. But if people can’t find their way around, you are missing out.

Not only could you be losing visitors, but conversions too.

Why is navigation important?

User Feedback Study of Old Reddit vs the New Reddit Redesign

Reddit is one of the most popular social communities on the internet. If you’re interested in something, there’s a good chance that there is a community of folks on reddit curating and discussing content about it.

The team behind has recently redesigned the site and moved away from their famously sparse and text heavy design into a new, highly visual format.

This study focuses primarily on the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) considerations in a desktop environment.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Shopify Stores

We’re kicking off a new series to launch the UserInsights blog. Every 2 weeks we’ll be doing a
deep dive into a variety of widely used platforms and popular sites.

If you’re new to UserInsights – welcome. We’re a platform that provides real user feedback on, well, nearly anything.
You can have our testers review your landing page, your checkout flow, or even compare you and your 3 closest competitors.

Why We Built UserInsights

I’ve got close to 15 years of experience in online marketing & conversion rate optimization. I also happen to spend a lot of time chasing after my startup dreams with late nights spent developing at the keyboard.

For someone like me, that is to say, someone who seems to know what they’re doing… well, I’ve sure had a lot of failed projects. In fact, I think I just hit the 10 mark.

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